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Friday, January 26, 2007

A slight change of focus

Hi! Techsplorer here with a bit of news to pass along.

This blog will soon be the only blog I keep. This blog (formerly) was exclusively dedicated to books. Now I will be also using this blog to talk about the other things that interest me.

Whereas I have (previously) talked about these other topics in my other blogs, I've been having a bit of trouble remembering where I discussed what.

So now they'll all be here.

This includes any previous posts that I've made in any of my other blogs; in time I'll fold those posts into this blog (I'll keep the other blogs around though so any comments or links there won't be lost).

I just wish blogger had some mechanism that would allow me to move posts easily from one blog I own to some other blog I own (in this case, this blog right here).