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Monday, October 30, 2006

Visiting "WWdN: In Exile" [From my "Famous Blogs" blog]


As I mentioned yesterday, I surfed over to WWdN: In Exile (WWdN is "Wil Wheaton dot Net") and took a look at the first entry on the October, 2006 archive. He titled this entry "another brick in the wall" which, as a Pink Floyd fan, I gotta love.

Then he starts his post with "Begin brain dump:" & "End brain dump"; possibly not original, but I liked the sound of it enough to wrap this entry in "<BrainDump>" tags in an effort to "out-geek" him.

Someday, I'll grow up, I promise.

Just not today.

Now on to the content: let me start by saying that I've run across another blogger today (Missus Singapore) whose feelings I share: "keep my blog RPR-free - religion, politics and race free". I'm not saying that Wil should do likewise (someone has to be willing comment on current events, whatever they may be), but that isn't what my blogs are about (not yet, anyway, and certainly not this one).

Then there's the "Games of Our Lives" stuff. I'm very "non-geek" when it comes to computer games . . . my thinking being that it is a waste of computer resources, very practical and all that, not to mention that I don't have time for most of the things I'd really like to get done without having computer games drain my time (I spend too much time playing things like FreeCell as it is!) Short answer, that stuff didn't interest me much.

I like learning what people are listening to, perhaps because it can invoke a sense of Damn, when was the last time I heard that? so much of the time, so that part I found moderately interesting.

Congrats to his stepson for being accepted by Mensa. Sounds like a very uber-cool thing.

Damn him (Wil, not the stepson) for introducing me to Threadless. I think I see a significant drain on my limited financial resources there. Though I think that ThinkGeek is better suited to my brand of dressing to impress (the word "impress" here meaning "excessively drawing attention to my nerdiness"; FWIW, when I'm not "dressing to impress", then Eddie Bauer is my brand of choice).

As for Sufjan Stevens, I think I'm going to have to check this out further. I love most music, and folk music is a particular type I like more than some, so I followed Wil's link (the same linke I'm using above) to Sufjan's WikiPedia entry; I was able to find some mp3's that I listened to and the verdict is: I will have to track his stuff down.