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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

And yet . . .

And yet, even being a slow, "hopelessly outnumbered by authors" type of reader, I have still more books to add to my to be read list!

I searched "in tags" at Technorati for Stand on Zanzibar after posting here the other day, and found a link to this post in The Fire Ant Gazette and, reading the comments there I came upon a reference to U.S.A. by John Dos Passos, so now that's on the list of things to read.

And I still have to read Robert Fagles' translation of Homer's The Odyssey, which is part of my Iliad and Odyssey boxed set I bought for myself with a gift certificate I got for Father's Day last year.

(BTW: Fagles' translation of The Iliad is nothing short of brilliant!)

(Further BTW: I just discovered he has done The Aeneid now, so I guess I'll be adding that to my "gotta read" list as well.)