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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Finished reading WWdN:ix for October [From my "Famous Blogs" blog]

I just finished reading WWdN:ix for October. I enjoyed three of the posts immensely:

October 18 (the squadron of benevolent butterflies)

I loved this post about his Geek in Review article, The Real Revenge of the Nerds (I'll give you the same warning he put on this: "though be warned: there's a hiney at the bottom of the page right now, which is probably not safe for work, so approach with caution.")

October 27 (TNG Review: Where No One Has Gone Before) and
October 30 (Where One More Has Gone Before)

I liked Wil's review of this episode of ST:TNG (though I don't watch the show anymore due to time constraints, I do think I'm going to set up a TiVo wishlist for this one so I can see it again).

I also liked the link to Diane Duane's post regarding the episode. Good reading.

I've now been reading and commenting on Wil longer than I planned. I've decided to continue reading his blog, and might even comment on it infrequently, but I'm now looking for input for another famous person's blog to read for a few weeks.

Any thoughts/suggestions? I'm open to most any famous person with an interesting blog.