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Friday, April 27, 2007

Blog about your Blog

There's a blog that I'm now into called Blog about your Blog. I'm still lurking at the moment, but I just left a comment there.


It's funny you should ask!

It is because today is Comment Friday at BAYB, a great idea if I ever heard of one.

So I hereby proclaim this site a Comment Friday site (yes, I'm stealing the idea) and will also visit your site if you comment here. If I like your site, I'll even link to it—and I visit the sites I link to fairly often—but I'll only do either as long as you hold my interest!


PoEt said...

next friday leave me a link at our blog and I will link to it.

Id love to spread comment friday around

Bimmy the Bookish said...

Could this be "TGICF" ??
So can we only do this on fridays? It's just that I have the memory of a goldfish's grandmother, and I'm BOUND to forget!
And will XML be the end of HTML?? just when I've got the hang of the beastie....
And I think your blog has a great name, though SURELY you must have come across a few bad 'uns??
And did your English teacher ever tell you not to begin sentences with "And" ?????
Hve fun on fridays,