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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Coming To a Sad Realization (Cancel or Allow?)

I know I typically—and vehemently—discourage religious discussion here, but I have to make an exception today. I'm coming to a sad realization: why would anyone use a PC when there are Macs out there?

Follow the link above if you don't agree!

And, it turns out, I could sell myself one if I wanted one badly enough.

Or at least I could, if I had the money right now.

Or could convince Julie to switch.

Oh well. That's what happens when you acquire tons of legacy software, I suppose.

Update: Aw, hell, scratch that!


Shawn Powers said...

I'm a Mac user, and I have to agree -- they just work better. I don't mean they're more secure, or higher quality, I just mean they work better. I don't like to argue with people about it, because if they don't like macs, good for them. I know how much they "just work" though, so I'll stick with 'em.

Oh, and I like the new theme. I can read new posts without scrolling down. I like that. :)