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Thursday, June 28, 2007

T13 (7/∞): Movie Songs

Thirteen Songs That Will Forever Be Associate Specific Movies

Welcome to my 7th T13 (that's Thursday Thirteen)! Please use my "Mr. Linky" to leave a link back to your site (more traffic!)

Let's face it: there are certain songs—you know the ones—you hear them and you can't help it, you are thinking of that specific movie!

Well, here are thirteen that will always remind me of a certain movie. I'd make this a contest, but most are way too easy! Instead, when you leave a comment (and please do!), why don't you share your favorite quote(s) from these movies. Oh, and if you don't know the movie the song is from, just put your mouse pointer over the song title to see the movie's title:

13. Old Time Rock And Roll
12. As Time Goes By
11. The Power Of Love
10. Raindrops Keep Fallin On My Head
 9. Day-O
 8. Twist and Shout
 7. Don't You (Forget About Me)
 6. Sh-Boom
 5. Do Wah Diddy Diddy
 4. Iris
 3. I Say A Little Prayer
 2. Mrs. Robinson
 1. Over The Rainbow

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Chelle Y. said...

That was pretty cool! I remember some of those.

Hey, I lived in Apple Valley once. A long time ago! :)

Kate Davies said...

One song that always reminds me of the movie is "Danger Zone", from Top Gun. I worked in a movie theater and had to listen to that $)%&^ song three times a showing, five showings a day, for the entire summer.

Love your list!

Ben Clapton said...

Great list, brought back some memories, though I couldn't remember all of them.
I think one of my favourite songs is "You'll Never have a friend like me" from Aladdin (Disney). But that was more only in the movie and didn't really make it outside as a pop hit.

ancsweetnsassygal said...

I guess the two quotes I know the most from these movies are from Casablance- 'This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship' and from The Wizard of Oz that everyone knows- 'There's no place like home'. Great TT. Happy Thursday!

Dee said...

T13 - What a cool idea. Since it is now Friday here in New Zealand, I will have to wait until next week.

I love Iris, it is one of my favourite songs of all time.

I am also interested to know what movie sh-boom was in. Because I know it from the Disney/Pixar movie "cars" (my son loves it, he got me to by the song of iTunes!) But it can't be this movie that you are referring to, can it?


Drew said...

Cool list. Now I have song #13 in my head.

Techsplorer (Eagan, MN) said...

chelle: Thanks! Cool is what I was trying for. Depending on how long ago Apple Valley was for you, you wouldn't recognize a lot of it now; it has changed a lot in the 12 years I've lived in MN.

kate: I know Top Gun was very popular, but I've always disliked that movie a great deal, though the song wasn't bad.

Ben: Ah! You saw that I was trying for popular songs that would get heard on the radio. Good, I thought that might have been too subtle.

ancsweetnsassygal: The quote (or portion thereof) that I'm always laying on people from Casablanca is "You'll regret it. Maybe not today. Maybe not tomorrow, but soon and for the rest of your life." My quote from The Wizard of Oz (one of many I'll admit), again a portion of a longer quote, is one I use when I talk a certain way for my amusement—or perhaps even the amusement of others—"Just speakin' the vernacular of the peasantry." after Professor Marvel tells his horse "There's a storm blowin' up, a whopper."

dee: I may be 50, but with a six year old, yes, I could very well have meant Cars, but I didn't; you must have missed the part in my post that said that if you put your mouse over the name of the song, and held it there, the title of the movie should show up. But I'll tell you: the movie I am thinking of is Clue. And I too love Iris, and thought it was a perfect fit for that place in that movie. I just wish I had enjoyed the movie more.

drew: There are—I promise you—very many much worse songs to have stuck in one's head!

Anonymous said...


Oh, he's very popular Ed. The sportos, the motorheads, geeks, sluts, bloods, waistoids, dweebies, dickheads - they all adore him. They think he's a righteous dude.

Happy TT!

Techsplorer (Eagan, MN) said...

Yes, MamaLee, that is one righteous quote.

As is: You killed the car.

And so (as I said in my T13 #2) is: A man with priorities so far out of whack doesn't deserve such a fine automobile.

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Whoa. I haven't thought of most of those movies in a long time. No quotes from me. Sorry. :(

Happy TT anyway!

Nicholas said...

I knew 1, 2, 10, and 12. I didnt guess the rest, mainly because I haven't seen any of them.

Andy said...

Good stuff. #7 tops my list.