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Thursday, July 19, 2007

T13 (10/∞): Some Of My Favorite Short Stories

Thirteen Of My Favorite Short Stories

Welcome to my 10th T13 (that's Thursday Thirteen)!

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This week I'm listing thirteen of my favorite short stories:

  1. Happy Ending by Henry Kuttner
    This is a neat little science fiction story that I've loved forever!
  2. Fat Farm by Orson Scott Card
    This is one of Uncle Orson's science fiction/horror stories that I found very enjoyable.
  3. All You Zombies— by Robert A. Heinlein
    This one is possibly my all time favorite science fiction short story!
  4. Light of Other Days by Bob Shaw
    But then again, perhaps this story is my favorite science fiction short story; it's one of these two, for sure!
  5. Nightfall by Isaac Asimov
    The Grand Master of the science fiction short story has to be on the list—and he is (twice!)
  6. The Raft by Stephen King
    This horror story is, without a doubt, the one that freaked me out the most by any author—it just figures that that author is King!
  7. Star, Bright by Mark Clifton
    Every parent wants a gifted child, right? Right? Hrmm. This is a great story, not quite science fiction, not quite fantasy per se, but definitely a story that has stayed with me forever, too!
  8. Sandkings by George R. R. Martin
    It's been forever since I read this science fiction story, but I clearly remember how wowed I was by it.
  9. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty by James Thurber
    This story needs no introduction I believe, and if you need do need the introduction than you need it in the first person! Get ahold of this story immediately and read it!
  10. It's Such a Beautiful Day by Isaac Asimov
    The Grand Master of science fiction strikes again in another memorable story.
  11. The Lottery by Shirley Jackson
    Another story that needs no introduction, you either already know it or you need read it!
  12. The Things They Carried by Tim O'Brien
    I tend, as I suspect most American men who turned 18 just after the Viet Nam war ended, to find anything about that war far from enjoyable, and tend to hide from it when I'm confronted with it. This story, right from the war itself from a man who lived it, is an amazing feat of storytelling that anyone who considers themself a reader (or wannabe writer) must read!
  13. Plains of Abraham by Russell Banks
    This is one of those stories that I read, somewhat enjoyed, and then checked the book back into the library. Months later, still frequently thinking about that story I read a while back, oh, what was it called I had to begin an intensive search for the book I'd seen it in—and without recollection of the story's title, author's name, or what book I'd seen it in! And I succeeded anyway. Don't make the mistake I made. Remember the story's title and the author's name! This is a story that will keep coming back to you!

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damozel said...

You're the first person I've ever encountered who'd read "Light of Other Days"---love it. And "The Raft" is one of my favorite of King's works, written back before he'd written himself out (I love "The Jaunt" as well). Finally, "The Lottery". I adore Shirley Jackson. "The Haunting of Hill House" is one of my all-time favorite books!

Techsplorer (Eagan, MN) said...

If you liked "Light of Other Days", you should read Other days, other eyes; it's a novel of Slow Glass.

I've always thought "Light of Other Days" would make a cool short movie, and have always thought—when I toy with the idea of learning to write a screenplay—that it would be fun to adapt.

I almost nearly—but not quite hardly—have dim memories of "The Jaunt"; I suppose I need to find it and reread it.

I loved "The Lottery" (it is required that it be loved, right?), but I haven't gotten around to "Hill House" yet, even though I know nothing but good about it. Sad, right?

Adelle said...

I'm going to have to look up a few of these. Looks pretty intriguing. Happy T 13

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

I'm not a fan of short stories. I've tried for years, and failed on almost every attempt. *sigh*