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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Stephen R. Donaldson, Roger Zelazny, & L. Frank Baum

Today, Love All Books has a lengthy post for you.

For starters, we have belated birthday wishes to authors Stephen R. Donaldson (Wikipedia) and Roger Zelazny (who share May 13th birthdays) and some guy named L. Frank Baum (born May 15th).

So, where've I been the last few days?


My JavaScript class (AKA: Internet Programming - Client Side) at Saint Paul College is finished. Stick a fork in me—I'm done!

Now I pass the time waiting for the results of my final exam and the final projects by getting caught up with all the things I've ignored around the house for the last week or so.

So, on to our birthday celebrants . . . .

Stephen R. Donaldson is the author of a magnificent series of books known as The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant, the Unbeliever. How anyone could make such a disagreeable excuse for a human being into a hero is quite truly amazing.

He also wrote The Gap Cycle and Mordant's Need series.

Roger Zelazny was the Hugo Award winning (six times) and Nebula Award winning (only three times) author of too many excellent books to name, but my favorites must be the Chronicles of Amber series.

L. Frank Baum is, of course, the well-known author of fourteen Oz books and a ton of other non-Oz books.

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