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Friday, May 18, 2007

Diane Duane & Fred Saberhagen

Today, Love All Books wishes the happiest of birthdays to science fiction authors Diane Duane and Fred Saberhagen.

Diane Duane is not only the author of the Young Wizards and The Middle Kingdoms series, but she has written a number of Star Trek books and co-wrote the "Where No One Has Gone Before" episode of ST:TNG.

Fred Saberhagen is the author of the Book of Swords and the Book of Lost Swords series (I have both of these series, still unread for some reason I don't understand, collecting dust on my shelf), and the Beserker series (which I quite possibly own—it is so hard to tell since I never did get my bookshelves organized after unpacking when we moved to Minnesota).

My personal favorite book by him that I've actually read (and the reason I own the other books I have by hime) is Veils of Azlaroc (VoA).

VoA has quite an interesting premise: the world of Azlaroc has a nearby star that drops "veils" of energy on it annually, veils that trap all, resident and visitor alike, on the planet for all time.

Furthermore, time is affected with each successive "veil-fall" so that all who were trapped by last year's veil-fall experience things a little slower—or is it faster—than those who haven't been trapped.

And those who were trapped generations ago are still alive and well, though the outside world—a phrase which here means the "unveiled world"—seems to be moving very slowly to them, and they—conversely—seem to be moving with extraordinary quickness to the outside world. If they've been on Azlaroc long enough, they are, perhaps, moving too quickly to be seen except as a blur and too quickly to be heard except as a buzzing noise.

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