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Friday, May 4, 2007

Guess What Day It Is . . .

It is Comment Friday here at Love All Books and at BAYB (I'm sure they'll notice soon).

So, on that note, as long as you're here . . .

Please post a comment while you're visiting and tell me what you're up to. Tell me what you're reading and what you think about it!

Have a great Friday.

Oh, and head over to BAYB and leave a comment there!

As for moi, I'm finishing up The History of Love by Nicole Krauss, and will have a review up in a day or so.Post to


PoEt said...

hope you get some comments

im not currently reading anything but blogs :-\

Anonymous said...

Just peeking in to say hi and leave a comment for your comment Friday. I see you love books. So do I. Have you ever checked out Bookcrossing?

I've been a member for almost 5 years now. Very fun place for book lovers.

My page over there is:

Techsplorer (Eagan, MN) said...

Y'know, I've heard of bookcrossing, and may have checked it out back in the dawn of time (say, around 1998 or so), but I guess I need to head over there again. Thanks for reminding me!

Tim said...

These Fridays are great!

All I`ve been reading lately is my school books, as the exams are coming (for example a book labeled "Wireless Networks" :D)

Have a nice day:)

mime fuhrer said...

only Nazis censor comments, ya know.

Techsplorer (Eagan, MN) said...

Thanks for the comments.

All I'll say about censoring comments is I see this as sort of an online home, and expect guests to act in a nice way and not offend my other visitors.

Oh, and I hate spam, whether it is email spam or comment spam. Moderating gives me some control.